Robert M. Fiedler Receives Prestigious Award for Packaging Industry Contributions

ASTM International Honors Packaging Leader with Alfred H. McKinlay Award for Outstanding Achievements Robert Fiedler (center) accepts award from Pat Nolan (left) and Larry Anderson (right); past...

ASTM International Honors Packaging Leader with Alfred H. McKinlay Award for Outstanding Achievements


Robert Fiedler (center) accepts award from Pat Nolan (left) and Larry Anderson (right); past chair and current Chairman of the ASTM Committee D-10 respectively.

Atlanta, GA – Chainalytics, supply chain and packaging consultants to the world’s most recognizable brands, is pleased to announce Robert M. Fiedler, Principal Associate, is the 2014 recipient of the Alfred H. McKinlay Award. Presented by ASTM International’s Committee D-10, the award recognizes individuals who provided outstanding leadership and contributions to advance packaging industry standards.

ASTM International has established many standards that guide scientific, technical, and design processes worldwide across every industry. Governments use ASTM standards to establish enforceable codes, regulations, and laws. As of 2014, ASTM membership had grown to more than 30,000 members, including over 1,150 organizations, from more than 150 countries.

Fiedler’s involvement with ASTM started in 1971. During his tenure, Fiedler was a member of 27 sub-committees and held seven officer positions. In 1997, Fiedler was awarded one of the organization’s highest individual honors, the ASTM International Award of Merit, for bringing the science of Protective Packaging Technology to its present high standards through his dynamic and concise evaluations of all ASTM Methods under his jurisdiction.

One of Fiedler’s most notable packaging industry contributions includes researching, testing, and drafting the meaningful “Standard Practice for Performance Testing of Shipping Containers and Systems,” more commonly known as D4169. Fiedler’s contributions to improving packaging standards can-not possibly be overstated. His work revolutionized the packaging industry in 1982 with D4169, which remains the most definitive packaging standard and continues to evolve, reflecting new research and technologies. This internationally recognized guide set the standard for distribution packaging worldwide, predicting the performance of new or redesigned packages when distributed by any mode of transportation.

“Bob is a tremendous resource to our clients and the work we do at Chainalytics. He is highly regarded across the entire packaging industry. We are thrilled that he is being recognized by ASTM with this much-deserved honor,” said Mike Kilgore, President and CEO of Chainalytics.

A Michigan native, Fiedler holds a Bachelor of Science in Packaging Sciences, Master of Science in Packaging and Business Administration from Michigan State University, the first university to offer a degree in Packaging Engineering.

The Alfred H. McKinlay award is named for its inaugural recipient, whose 50-year career was dedicated to developing standards reliability with technical integrity. The late Al McKinlay was a member of Committee D-10 for 37 years, where he made significant contributions to standards in performance testing. McKinlay and Fiedler worked together closely.

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