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Project Briefs By Industry

Designed and implemented new distribution center for a large energy exploration and production company.

High industry growth rates and supply chain complexity created repeated gaps in the client’s distribution network. Our team identified capacity and supply issues, developed new distribution processes and designed a new distribution center to service the Southwest United States. The team developed an implementation plan which improved order management and distribution process efficiency by over 25%.

Optimized the global distribution network for a multi-billion dollar
chemical manufacturer.

When the multi-billion dollar division was spun off from its parent, Chainalytics was engaged to design a new distribution network that could operate autonomously from the former parent company. The strategy included global DC rationalization of over 100 existing facilities, optimal placement of product, and expansion of distribution capacity to support market growth. The resulting strategy identified significant annual operating cost reduction from the rationalization of the global DC network.

Assessed inventory planning practices for a multi-billion dollar paper manufacturer.

Chainalytics assessed the readiness of our client to participate in CPFR practices with several of its channel partners. The scope included the assessment of a collaborative planning initiative that involved organizational restructuring, process design and capital investments in software. Through quantitative and qualitative analysis, Chainalytics delivered a plan for a phased approach in order to achieve best-in-class performance within 18 months. As the first step, the company was able to expand its collaborative practices to several of its major channel partners and perform direct delivery of full truck loads to its most service-sensitive channel.

Optimized TL and Intermodal spend for one of the world’s largest forest products companies.

The objective was to reduce freight spend on full-load transportation by finding the best mix of carriers, modes, lanes and services. Through multiple rounds of bidding on both modes where loads can be traded-off from one mode to another, arrived at a final double-digit savings of over 15% on freight spend in-play.