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Success Stories

Chainalytics Helps a Fast-Growing Health and Beauty Products Manufacturer Reshape Operations to Ensure Continued Growth

Chainalytics partners with a leading health and beauty manufacturer to modify the business’ fulfillment operating model, implement mature planning practices, and deliver immediate results to reverse rapidly declining service levels.

SiteOne Partners with Chainalytics for Supply Chain Design and Planning Transformation

SiteOne Landscape Supply Partners with Chainalytics to Design a Distribution Network and Implement New Demand Planning and Replenishment Technology, Resulting in Cost Reduction and Improved Customer Service

Raising the Bar on Handling Standards Help Retailer Increase Profits

Chainalytics Packaging Engineers Partner with a Leading Home Goods Provider to Establish New Packaging Standards and Guidelines

Specialty Retailer Engages Chainalytics for Technology Selection and Procurement Service

Chainalytics Helps Leading Specialty Retailer Select New Forecasting and Replenishment Planning Technology

Chainalytics Helps Global Retailer Improve Seasonal Forecasting and Fill Rates

Chainalytics’ Integrated Demand and Supply Planning Experts Help a Global Retailer Turn Around Falling Service Levels

Chainalytics Provides Packaging Solutions for Major Motorcycle Manufacturer

Partnership with Chainalytics Packaging Optimization Team Helps Leading Motorcycle Manufacturer Safely Deliver a New Product Launch

Retailer Finds Savings in Carrier Costs

Big Lots Enhances Transportation Network through Partnership with Chainalytics

Shaw Industries Partners with Chainalytics for Supply Chain Network Redesign

Shift in Consumer Preference Sparks Need for Network Redesign

Chainalytics Helps Food Distributor Manage Carrier Expense

US Foods Utilizes Chainalytics Transportation Sourcing Methodology to Enhance Carrier Network and Lower Cost

Chainalytics Reduces Cost and Carbon Emissions through Packaging Optimization for Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturer

Implementing a New Packaging Solution, Chainalytics Provides Razor Manufacturer Savings and Sustainability Improvements

Chainalytics Helps Fortune 500 Company Save Millions with Supply Chain Network Design Project

Following a Recent Acquisition, Chainalytics Creates an Optimal Supply Chain Network for a Leading Building Materials Manufacturer


Chainalytics Improves Food Manufacturer’s Green Initiatives with Packaging Redesign Strategy

In a Recent Partnership, Chainalytics Provides Packaging Solution to Reduce Frozen Pizza Manufacturer’s Carbon Footprint.


Chainalytics Helps Cosmetic Giant Consolidate Business Unit

Chainalytics’ transportation experts worked with a leading global cosmetics manufacturer to reduce costs and increase efficiency across its U.S. transportation network.


Supply Chain Assessment and Packaging Redesign Drastically Reduces Damage for Leading Mechanical Systems Manufacturer

Regardless of where you are and what you do, we can all agree that having reliable mechanical systems regularly available is a quintessential aspect to our daily lives that we often take for granted. Households and organizations across North America utilize these systems in various capacities multiple times a day, and to find those services affected can be frustrating and costly.


A Key Ingredient to Campbell Soup’s Ability to Greatly Improve their Forecasting

Four years ago, Molly Kissell transitioned into the role Director of Integrated Demand Management at Campbell Soup. Campbell Soup’s demand forecast accuracy – as measured at the item/location one month following the forecast – had fallen into the mid-60s. The initial goal simply sought to achieve historical levels of forecast accuracy. For the first couple years, they explored various benchmarking solutions – including participation in Chainalytics’ Demand Planning Intelligence Consortium (DPiC) – and worked to improve planners’ capabilities to use their new demand management solution.


Why It’ Better to Avoid Packaging Slack Fill from the Start

Many products “settle” in their packages, appearing to take up much less space than they should. But settling isn’t the only issue with deceptive or “slack fill” packaging problems; these problems happen when manufacturers deliberately or inadvertently misrepresent the amount of product a consumer can “reasonably expect” when opening a package of tasty tidbits or expensive moisturizer.

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Redesigned Packaging Brings Benefits Throughout Supply Chain for Energizer 

Chainalytics’ packaging experts went to work with Energizer to reduce costs associated with packaging materials and with supply chain related items such as logistics, labor, storage, and warehousing.


SupplyChainBrainIPC Streamlines the Supply Chain for the Subway Restaurant Chain

Chainalytics and MIT worked with IPC to analyze its distribution network. Significant environmental savings resulted from Chainalytics’ Carbon Footprint Analysis.


Provider Enhances Efficiency of Kraft’s Transportation NetworkSupplyChainBrain

Kraft Food’s partnership with Chainalytics has delivered both hard and soft benefits, enhancing efficiencies in its transportation network and improving relationships across the supply chain.


Green ProgressFood Logistics

Sandwich maker Subway was an environmental leader long before sustainability was in vogue. When the Independent Purchasing Cooperative (IPC) was formed in 1996—Subway’s franchisee-owned and operated buying cooperative—the group took a long hard look at its supply chain.


Clorox Finds Savings through Transportation Analytics that Reduce “Leakage” from Carrier Contracts to ExecutionSC Digest

“Carried bid optimization” programs and technology can deliver significant savings to companies in procuring transportation versus current rates, but too often those potential savings are lost in both the negotiation and execution phases. Clorox worked with Chainalytics to reduce “leakage” in its bid optimization process.


Subway’s Journey to GreenLogistics Management

Over the last three years, the quick-serve leader’s green logistics strategy has cut carbon emissions by 120,000 metric tons and reduced its oil consumption by 277,000 barrels annually—all while growing its number of stores by 12 percent. And they’ve only just begun.

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