Leveraging Packaging Optimization for Supply Chain Benefits

Chainalytics' Tom Blanck explains the "why" behind our Packaging Optimization services, and how packaging can be leveraged for supply chain gains.

January 20, 2014

By Chain Gang

Chainalytics’ Tom Blanck recently sat down with Bob Ferrari, founder and executive editor of Supply Chain Matters, to explain what we do when it comes to Packaging Optimization.  Here’s a few of Bob’s takeaways…

For the most part, no one organizational group tends to own packaging strategy. Marketing or product development may often have the focus of product packaging but the focus is often on product appearance, promotion and brand amplification. Inputs from the supply chain or from manufacturing that relate to the impacts to processes or efficiency needs are often overlooked or dismissed, or sometimes conflict.

Like many other initiatives in these times, packaging optimization needs to be articulated into the bottom line benefits to all of the business.

Manageable changes in packaging sizes or adoption of standardized packaging standards have led to considerable savings for clients.

Be sure to check out the complete interview on Supply Chain Matters.  Here’s the link.





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