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For Chainalytics’ clients who manage dynamic, evolving supply chains, supply chain network design and demand planning aren’t just set-it-and-forget processes; they are part of a larger supply chain strategy that, handled systematically and proactively, consistently yield significant cost savings.

These clients turn to Chainalytics’ Managed Analytics Services (MAS):

    • Chainalytics’ Managed Analytics Services (MAS) for Supply Chain Network Design is an expert-led approach for executing network design studies in a more cost-effective and responsive manner than repeating traditional, one-off, project-based studies. This MAS yields investment-grade results faster, with less effort, to make crucial business decisions with more confidence.


    • Chainalytics’ Managed Analytics Services (MAS) for Statistical Forecasting is a service that provides improved forecast accuracy through statistical forecasting. The service provides monthly forecasts for thousands of SKUs.  Chainalytics experts provide high quality forecasts enabling the client to focus resources on running the business.


    • Chainalytics’ Managed Analytics Services (MAS) for Inventory Optimization uses your data to generate analytically valid quarterly or semi-annual inventory targets for thousands of SKUs at the item-location level.  The service can be delivered using either an inside the firewall solution or a secure cloud hosted solution.  Chainalytics experts will develop an advanced inventory optimization plan which allows the client to focus resources on running the business.


Each Managed Analytics engagement begins with a current state assessment or baselining, and an identification of key value opportunities. Combined with our proven project methodologies and investment-grade analytics, this ensures we devise an effective multi-year program portfolio of supply chain design projects tailored to each client’s strategic business needs.

Chainalytics’ Managed Analytics Services help clients:

  • Accelerate time-to-value by consistently updating supply chain models and data for faster supply chain network refreshes in response to  market demand
  • Augment their internal team’s capabilities at a lower cost than that required to build and sustain internal expertise
  • Reduce time to transform data and generate actionable insights
  • Ensure organizational alignment to expedite effective responses to supply and demand chain volatility
  • Ensure better business outcomes and tangible results
  • Derive additional value from existing resource and technology investments
  • Make confident short-, mid- and long-term supply chain decisions


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