Navigating the Reverse Supply Chain for Connected Devices

By Irv Grossman and James Kilkelly | January 12, 2017 | SupplyChain Management Review

The Internet of Things will change the way supply chains manage the lifecycle of products, as a SCMR Reverse SC Article Imageslew of new connected devices come to market. The cell phone industry offers a model for how to handle connected products that are chock full of private, personal data.

Unless you were an early adopter of one of those clunky analog true cellular phones that were only available with per-minute calling plans, you probably don’t have to look back beyond 15 years to remember your first mobile phone. The sales proposition was pretty universal across carriers: Sign a contract and get a free phone that would be subsidized by your monthly service payment. Then, every so often, you might be able to get an upgrade—but you probably had to switch providers to get the best “new customer” deals. [Full Story]

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