Chainalytics Opens Singapore Office, Continues Strategic Asia-Pacific Expansion to Meet Growing Demand


Atlanta, GA & Singapore (February 1, 2015)Chainalytics, a global leader in supply chain consulting, analytics and market intelligence today announced the opening of a new Singapore office to be led by current Managing Director of the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region Tim Foster.

“The APAC region contains many of the world’s most rapidly developing markets,” explained Chainalytics President and CEO J. Michael Kilgore. “As the region’s development evolves from being the ‘factory to the world’ to being the fastest growing, most-complex consumer market on earth, our multinational clients are elevating their supply chain strategies to be coordinated across local, regional and global levels. Singapore has long been a leader in attracting multinational supply chain organizations and the launch of our office here illustrates our continued commitment to extending our global presence and supporting our clients’ long-term growth and success everywhere they operate.” Foster has more than 20 years of supply chain experience across the APAC region both as a consultant and as an executive with leading multinational manufacturers.  Serving as Chainalytics’ Managing Director of the APAC region, Foster understands the entire local, regional and by-country pan-Asian picture—from the macro-economic factors impacting the region to each market’s unique logistics demands and business complexities. Expanding Chainalytics’ global footprint in this complex environment will further help clients meet their evolving business goals. Foster has relocated to Singapore from Chainalytics’ Australian office based in Sydney to focus on managing client development and the in-region delivery of projects that generate service and financial improvements for Chainalytics’ clients. “The APAC region’s fragmented consumer bases, demand patterns, logistics and transportation infrastructure vary greatly among its different countries, regions, and even local markets,” Foster explained. “This fact makes thoughtful and iterative logistics and supply chain planning essential to achieving success within the region and beyond. I am delighted to serve our clients from Chainalytics’ new Singapore location. Our multinational clients have made a big investment in this region and our own investment with a new office is the natural extension and continuation of our world-class capabilities. It’s an exciting opportunity to be on the ground with our clients as they continue to grow and flourish in these markets.”

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