Managed Analytics Services for Supply Chain Design

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Chainalytics’ Managed Analytics Services (MAS) for Supply Chain Design help you recognize and respond to shifts in your supply chain network, including changes to capacity, customer service requirements, and product portfolios. This service provides you with dedicated, skilled resources to perform ongoing analysis to complement, but not distract from, day-to-day operations. By internalizing analytical capability without internalizing the competency, your company can accelerate decision-making, view the supply chain holistically, and answer ad-hoc questions with fact-based analysis. As you leverage the best practices of this service, your company will reduce analytical cycle time, minimize vulnerability to employee turnover, and experience increased organizational objectivity.

Chainalytics’ On-Demand Supply Chain Analytics service can improve your analytics capabilities by effectively answering these questions:

  • How can we reduce the decision-making time required to address our supply chain network challenges?
  • Is there a way to prevent knowledge loss in our organization?
  • What is the best way to perform consistent, unbiased, fact-based analysis within our organization?
  • How can we incorporate best practices into our analytical capability?