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Transportation brokers are expected to provide consistent reliability in matching drivers to shipments for their customers.  Covering capacity at market competitive rates is the key to establishing trust in your freight brokerage.

Chainalytics’ Freight Market Intelligence for Brokers is designed specifically for brokers who wish to offer competitive pricing for truckload services in any market based on billions in transportation spend.  Chainalytics has well over 10 years of experience in producing quality lane rate benchmarks that have supported emerging brokerage organizations into multi-hundred million dollar enterprises – as well as supporting the day-to-day operations of some of the largest brokerage enterprises in North America.

Chainalytics offers the following subscription options in North America for Brokers:

  • Monthly spot/contract reports for Truckload (including dry van, temperature-controlled, and intermodal)
  • Quarterly reports Less-than-Truckload

Freight Market Intelligence Solution Platform for Brokers:

  • Technology providing:
    • Unlimited user access to rating tools and market rate data for both spot and contract market rates
    • REST-based APIs for integration of rate information into execution systems
    • Cloud-based visualization and business intelligence to manage all market trends and historical shipment data
  • Detailed reporting and analytics of your specific network focusing on:
    • Lane, carrier and geography-based benchmarks
    • Weekly trends by mode, carrier, and other factors to highlight the impact of procurement efforts and changes due to market dynamics
  • Market Research involving:
    • Rates and capacity analytics based on survey of market experiences and outlook from shippers and 3PLs/Brokers