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The most powerful source of trusted Freight Market Intelligence – whether you are negotiating rates, assessing procurement strategies or seeking insights on true market conditions –Chainalytics’ Freight Market Intelligence platform offers unparalleled visibility to transportation rates and market data across the globe.

Every buyer of transportation competes for the best rates and capacity in the market

To make informed decisions, businesses need to gather and assess relevant data to apply meaningful insights.  Being prepared to preempt threats or gain advantages remains paramount to driving value and ensuring supply chains operate at peak efficiency.  Transportation operates as the most critical link between suppliers and customers – understanding both the threats and opportunities within a vast network of transportation options proves key to maximizing sustainable supply chain performance.

How we can help…

Chainalytics’ Global Freight Market Intelligence solutions process over $36B in shipment transactions from well over 170 organizations to provide accurate and actionable information – supporting transportation decision makers across all industries.

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