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The most powerful source of trusted freight market intelligence — whether you are negotiating rates, assessing procurement strategies or seeking insights on true market conditions — Chainalytics’ Freight Market Intelligence platform (FMIC) offers unparalleled visibility to transportation rates and market data across the globe.

Every buyer of transportation competes for the best rates and capacity in the market. To make informed decisions, businesses need to gather and assess relevant data to apply meaningful insights. Being prepared to preempt threats or gain advantages remains paramount to driving value and ensuring supply chains operate at peak efficiency. Transportation operates as the most critical link between suppliers and customers — understanding both the threats and opportunities within a vast network of transportation options proves key to maximizing sustainable supply chain performance.

How we can help

Across all FMIC solutions, Chainalytics processes over $68B in shipment transactions annually to provide accurate and actionable information — supporting transportation decision makers across all industries. Specific solutions have been developed for the following:

Chainalytics provides strategic freight market intelligence, benchmarking, and comparative analysis across a variety of modes and geographies to its shipper members in a private forum. Learn more ➜

Chainalytics’ freight market intelligence solution for 3PLs is built on the idea that identifying reasonable contract rate levels should never be a guessing game. Our advanced analytics offer 3PLs of all sizes direct access to transportation rate information that supports procurement, carrier management and lane rate benchmarking – whether internal or customer facing. Learn more ➜

Our solution for brokers is designed specifically for those who wish to offer competitive pricing for truckload services in any market. Chainalytics has well over 10 years of experience in producing quality lane rate benchmarks that have supported emerging brokerage organizations into multi-hundred million dollar enterprises —as well as supporting the day-to-day operations of some of the largest brokerage enterprises in North America. Learn more ➜

FMIC Pulse was developed to provide members with the ability to monitor how changes in capacity impact their network and to accurately forecast pressure on future contract rates — which are key elements of meeting budget expectations while maximizing service year over year. Built on the top-rated shipper benchmarking solution in the market, FMIC Pulse uses technologies that integrate machine learning into transaction-level data flows, ensuring quality control, analytical sophistication and repeatability. Learn more ➜


An overview of our freight market intelligence platform

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