PACK Expo 2017 Did Not Disappoint – Again!

Sam Huppert | Packaging Engineer, Packaging | Chainalytics

If you are looking for a way to interact with all members of the packaging industry, PACK Expo is the place to be, and having just attended in September, I was excited to leave the event inspired by the many innovations occurring in the business of packaging.

Networking is a huge part of the event.

I always enjoy the opportunity to network within the packaging world, and this event allowed me not only to reconnect with past classmates and discuss our paths and growth within the industry, but also gathers many of my past and current clients. I enjoyed having the chance to discuss the status of work I’ve done and gain insight into the long term impacts of the projects. PACK Expo is also great opportunity to talk with prospective clients about ways the Chainalytics team can help them add value across their entire supply chain.

The latest and greatest technologies and solutions are all present.

With the large variety of vendors in attendance, PACK Expo is the perfect event to keep my finger on the pulse of new materials and designs that offer increased packaging performance and efficiency. I came across solutions my team can incorporate into current project work and gained a better understanding of options for future projects. The event is about introducing opportunities to improve existing packaging, and there were several products that stood out to me that have some really cool potential.

For example, Bostik has created a new strong bond melt adhesive commonly used in case and carton sealing. The benefits of this product include high thermal stability, precise clean cut glue drops without stringing, and the absence of clumping in pellet form. This new solid bond can ensure production lines see minimal downtime as machines stay clean and operational with the alleviation of these productivity killers.

For primary packaging, the HP SmartStream Mosaic feature allows manufacturers to create millions of unique labels from just a few original designs. This allows organizations who use HP technology to generate entirely unique customer experience levels and each consumer can enjoy the purchase of a “one-of-a-kind” item.

Retail ready packaging is also increasing in popularity with the drive coming from large box store retailers. Companies are having to transition their large box packaging to do it all: from warehouse storage, to transport, and display with a single packaging solution. The motivating factors driving this strategy include material reductions that in turn lead to lower costs and improved sustainability. Companies such as Delkor are showing organizations how they can convert their current packaging into a retail ready solution.

Free education enhanced the PACK Expo experience.

The Innovation Stage informed and inspired with 45 sessions presented by industry leaders and subject matter experts on topics such as sustainability, smart packaging, and the Internet of Things (IoT). The Reusable Packaging Solutions Learning Center showcased everything you need to know to successfully incorporate reusables into your supply chain.

Year after year, I find PACK Expo to be a valuable experience. Whatever your organizational needs, whether it be machinery, materials, or packaging solutions, you can find it and more at PACK Expo. If you attended, or plan to attend next year’s show, I’d love to connect with you and further the discussion.

Sam Huppert is a Packaging Engineering Consultant at Chainalytics where he supports projects that deliver cost savings and damage reduction from project launch through final implementation.

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