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Get an inside look at Premium Analytics, the newest analytical tool for members of our Freight Market Intelligence Consortium (FMIC). It makes your freight market...

FMIC Premium Analytics

February 7, 2014

By The Chain Gang

Well then, you’re in luck. We are excited to announce that we have launched Premium Analytics for our Freight Market Intelligence Consortium (FMIC).

Chainalytics, through its FMIC, has been changing the way shippers manage freight for nearly a decade. The FMIC provides more than just a benchmark rate for a lane. It delivers sophisticated research, integrated technologies, and timely market intelligence; and gives its members tremendous confidence in their business decisions.

Now, with Premium Analytics, each member’s freight market data comes alive in a secure, cloud-based data visualization environment powered by Tableau. Shippers can dig deeper into their historical freight spend and discover insights into real business needs in an instant — all without IT support.

Check out this video to see how Premium Analytics can accelerate your time to insight, and simply
let us know when you’re ready for a personalized demonstration.

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