Chainalytics Responds to Market Demand with Upgrade to Demand Planning Intelligence Service

Innovations Continue to Drive Global Expansion for Subscription-based Demand Planning Analytics and  Market Intelligence Offering  Atlanta, GA — Jan 28, 2015 —  Chainalytics, a recognized...

Innovations Continue to Drive Global Expansion for Subscription-based Demand Planning Analytics and  Market Intelligence Offering 

Atlanta, GAJan 28, 2015 —  Chainalytics, a recognized global leader in supply chain consulting, analytics and market intelligence, announced today significant upgrades to its industry-leading Demand Planning Intelligence Consortium (DPIC) and expansion of the DPIC service from North America into Europe, the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region and Latin America.

Now leveraging compelling, interactive data-visualization dashboards, the latest DPIC iteration provides streamlined reporting, intuitive graphics and enhanced opportunity identification, empowering line-of-business owners with increased confidence in their key planning decisions. Empowered by Tableau, DPIC’s executive- and planner-level views have been completely revamped to accelerate the transformation of data into directly actionable intelligence,ultimately enabling supply chains to drive maximum value to the rest of the organization.

“With this new release, our subscribers can rapidly identify and prioritize areas offering opportunity for improvement in demand planning and forecasting with a minimum investment in effort, budget or IT support,” stated Ben YoKell, Principal, who oversees DPIC as part of Chainalytics’ Integrated Demand & Supply Planning services.


“This is a data-driven, low-cost approach to assessing the predictability and relative performance of your product portfolio, combining demand segmentation, predictive analytics and outsourced data capabilities into an awesome ROI for our users. We can now track forecastability, volatility, opportunity and performance over time, through forecast lags, across geographies and between product lines in a standardized, secure and personalized manner for each of our customers vs. the market.”

The first 2015 data-submission window is now open for the next 2 months.

New and existing subscribers are able to submit their data through the secure online portal and receive investment-grade demand planning intelligence in a matter of weeks using this subscription-based service. Subscribers are also able to enjoy Chainalytics’ customized data analysis services to further augment their internal capabilities.

In addition to North America, DPIC participants include business units in western and central Europe, portions of the APAC region and major markets in Latin America. Chainalytics expects DPIC’s expansion to mirror the company’s overall trajectory, as the firm positions itself to be the leading global boutique for end-to-end supply chain management services.

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