In today’s business climate, shipper’s need to do all they can to minimize the impacts of uncertainty on budgets and performance expectations.

Less-than-Truckload (LTL) shipments cost more per unit, frequently take longer to arrive at their destination, and are often most vulnerable to disruptions in the market. If you have limited visibility to freight market intelligence within your organization, leading to questions at the negotiation table, this transportation procurement webinar is worth a listen.

Historically, shippers have relied on a strictly internal view of freight costs, simply comparing this year to last year. Enabling critical views of geographies, carrier performance and overall market trends, ultimately leads to better procurement and enhanced day-to-day performance.

Now, with advances in data sharing and business intelligence, shippers can obtain a critical market-wide backdrop to augment their own internal views of transportation spend.

Webinar highlights include: 

  • Best practices in the areas of transportation procurement to maintain highest service levels
  • Ways to achieve confidence in rates with executives and carriers alike for LTL freight
  • Emerging techniques to maximize analytical efficiency in understanding complex freight markets
  • Tips for optimizing your LTL procurement strategy including freight classes, FAKs and Bump Clauses

Click here to download a PDF of the slides.

For more information on how you can gain enhanced visibility into your LTL freight spend, check out Chainalytics’ Freight Market Intelligence Consortium, call tel:1-770-433-1566 to speak with an expert, or simply email