Taking Transportation Collaboration to the Next Level

If you missed our session at the 2013 FMI-GMA Supply Chain Conference, be sure to join this free webinar to learn how we're taking transportation...

Transportation Collaboration

March 4, 2013

By The Chain Gang

At the 2013 FMI-GMA Supply Chan Conference, the joint Collaborative Transportation working group reported on Taking Transportation Collaboration to the Next Level. If you missed the session, or want more information, you are in luck! The team will once again present the concept and opportunity during a free webinar.

The concept examines similar geographic shipping networks throughout the United States that have resulted in overlapping logistics infrastructures. Today, a number of manufacturers and retailers have been completing one-to-one network overlay projects and are finding areas for effective transportation collaboration.

The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF), Food Marketing Institute (FMI), and Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) have partnered with Chainalytics and Exel to expand upon the success of this approach by completing an analysis that includes multiple trading partners in the same geographies. This project offers a cost effective way to gain visibility into trading partner and CPG transportation opportunities across the U.S. and Canada.

Register now to learn more about this industry-wide initiative on March 5 @ 1:00pm EST.

This free webcast will be presented live and include a brief Q&A session.

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