Integrated Demand and Supply Planning

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Demand Planning

Chainalytics’ Demand Planning services help you understand the demand characteristics of your products and services and apply the appropriate predictive and modeling techniques to improve demand planning performance. By performing demand pattern and replenishment lead-time analyses, these services can improve your usage of forecasting and demand planning tools as well as help you improve forecast accuracy, reduce corresponding safety stock, and improve service levels.

Demand Planning Best Practices Review:  Evaluate your demand planning organization, systems, and processes for best-in-class performance.

Cost-to-Serve Analytics:  Assign and account for the true cost of serving your customers.

Customer and Product Profitability:  Expose hidden costs, uncover profit contribution opportunities, and evaluate the profitability of each product, customer, and supplier in your portfolio.

Service Level Optimization:  Develop service level management strategies to effectively use network capacity and maximize profit margins.

Demand Planning and Forecast Metrics:  Create a program to monitor, manage, and reduce the impact of business variability on your demand planning organization.