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Inventory Optimization services

Chainalytics’ Inventory Optimization services help you effectively position raw materials, work-in-process, and finished goods inventory throughout your supply chain network.

Inventory Planning Best Practices Review:  Evaluate your inventory planning organization, systems, and processes for best-in-class performance.

Inventory Policy Optimization:  Develop optimal inventory stocking policies — like days-on-hand and re-order levels — for each item at each location.

Inventory Deployment Optimization:  Position finished goods and aftermarket parts inventory across your supply chain by determining the optimal stocking location, quantity, and flow path for each item.

Multi-Stage Inventory Optimization and Postponement Analysis:  Determine the optimal inventory stocking locations and quantities for each item at each stage in your product portfolio.

Inventory Planning Metrics: Create a program to monitor, manage, and reduce the impact of business variability on your inventory operations.