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Production Planning & Scheduling service

Chainalytics’ Production Planning & Scheduling service analyzes your master planning activities related to production, storage, and shipment capacity to ensure an optimal balance of service and efficiency.

Our analysis creates a policy to meet peak demand that includes identifying additional capital and labor investments required to satisfy build-ahead inventory needs. Expected benefits of this service include increased customer service fill rates, improved service levels for most profitable customers, reduced operating costs, improved facility and in-transit inventory alignment, and suitable fixed asset consolidation.

Chainalytics’ Production Planning & Scheduling service can improve your operations by effectively answering the following questions:

  • How much should I produce, store, and ship monthly, given expected seasonality in demand, supply, or costs and my need to minimize total cost and meet my service levels?

  • How does seasonality affect my build-ahead inventory policy?
  • Is it a good idea to invest in extra production capacity now or should we continue to use overtime?

  • How much discretionary demand should we serve to maximize overall profitability?