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Supply Planning services

 Chainalytics’ Supply Planning services analyze the impact of alternative sourcing strategies on your supply chain network. By evaluating sourcing strategies — such as make vs. buy and on vs. off-shore — at the network level, your company can identify a total cost to serve, not just the landed cost. This distinction can help your company avoid the unexpected ripple effects of sourcing decisions and ultimately reduce overall costs in your network.

Chainalytics’ Supply Planning services can improve your supply organization by answering the following questions:

  • Are there synergies between my network and my vendor’s network that can be leveraged to reduce costs?

  • Are there opportunities for my suppliers to redesign their supply chains to create synergies?
  • Which strategic vendors should I contract with given my demand projections and future supply chain network?

  • Is my current supplier network capable of supporting my planned product rollouts?
  • What are the cost and service tradeoffs of alternative sourcing strategies?