Supply Chain Operations

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Chainalytics’ Supply Chain Operations services help you evaluate and transform your logistics processes to create a best-in-class supply chain operation. Our services assess the effectiveness of your warehouse and distribution operations – including racking layouts, conveyor systems, picking methodologies, and supporting technologies – to identify opportunities for improvement.

We work with you to develop transformation blueprints to create a leaner, more flexible operation that reduces waste and supports supply and demand needs in an accurate and timely manner. Improvements in your logistics and supply chain operations can lower costs by increasing the productivity of resources and capital investments while improving customer service.

Chainalytics’ Supply Chain Operations consulting services help you effectively answer these warehouse and distribution questions:

  • Should our warehousing and material operations be insourced or outsourced?
  • Are we effectively utilizing our workforce and equipment?
  • Is our distribution network optimized to meet the current and future needs of our customers?
  • Where and how can we employ Lean Six Sigma principles in our logistics and supply chain operations?
  • What are the project and program management initiatives necessary to implement this transformation?
  • How do we implement with a sense of speed while keeping the change transparent to the customer and positive to the organization?
  • How can we better provide visibility to stakeholders (i.e. metrics and KPIs, dashboards, reporting)?