Facility and Warehouse Design

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Chainalytics’ Facility and Warehouse Design service determines the optimal layout of your warehouse and optimizes facility processes to increase efficiency and supply chain performance.  By considering the current inventory levels and future-state capacity needs, this service identifies opportunities to improve material operations – such as racking layouts and conveyor systems – and, if needed, the use of third-party logistics providers.  Improved warehouse layouts and processes can significantly improve material handling time, labor efficiencies, and inventory space allocation.

Chainalytics’ Facility and Warehouse Design can maximize the value of your warehousing operations by effectively answering these questions:

  • Can we consolidate material operations that are performed in multiple warehouses and facilities to reduce overhead, share resources, or create material operations synergies?

  • How effective is our current warehouse layout?  Are we getting the most from our current technology?

  • Are we employing the appropriate storage mediums?

  • Should our material and warehousing operations be insourced or outsourced?

  • How can we increase visibility to stakeholders (i.e. metrics and KPIs, dashboards, reporting)?