In the area of Packaging Optimization, Chainalytics uses a total cost perspective to assess holistically how your packaging affects the supply chain by considering the entire packaging value chain to identify cost savings and sustainable improvement opportunities.


Chainalytics’ Packaging Optimization team employs a holistic systems approach to analyze your packaging across all relevant supply chain functions, including sourcing, manufacturing, distribution, transportation, and reverse logistics.

The packaging value chain is strategic in nature and optimized packaging directly affects logistics costs. Bottom-line impacts include:
  • Reduced Freight Costs
  • Increased Warehouse Efficiencies
  • Improved Product Handling
  • Reduced Labor Costs

Our proven and time-tested approach to Packaging Optimization rapidly identifies solutions that minimize upfront investment and provide the desired business result – packaging that is engineered to provide sufficient protection at optimal costs. Chainalytics provides strategic direction, ongoing program support, and training. Chainalytics’ Packaging Optimization services provide tailored packaging solutions to help your business discover productivity, efficiency, and sustainability gains while improving end-to-end supply chain performance.

Chainalytics’ Packaging Optimization services include:

Our packaging consulting team is unmatched in expertise and capabilities.  In addition to our Certified Packaging Professionals (CPP) who share decades of hands-on experiences, we have assembled the industry’s best network of supply chain packaging subject matter experts.  Powered by Chainalytics, the Packaging Optimization practice creates long-lasting value for their clients.