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Transportation Systems & Process Transformation


Chainalytics’ Transportation Systems and Process Transformation can help you evaluate your transportation management organization, systems, and processes to improve your overall transportation performance. Chainalytics provides a competitive analysis of your transportation planning practices — including mode selection, fleet and equipment planning, and territory alignment — by identifying the “gaps” between industry best practices and your current practices, organizational structure, and technology. This transportation best practice review will uncover opportunities for transportation management improvement, outline your firm’s most critical transportation-related shortcomings, and prioritize suggested improvement projects.

Chainalytics’ Transportation Systems and Best Practices Review can help you effectively answer the following questions:

  • Are we getting the most out of our current transportation systems, and do they sufficiently support our business objectives?
  • Why don’t we achieve the anticipated savings our transportation planning tool helped us identify?
  • Can we more effectively collect and validate up-to-date data as we refresh our models?
  • Do we have the right team? How can we design, recruit, and retain a team to ensure a sustained logistics competency?
  • How do our transportation planning processes compare to others?