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Demand Planning Intelligence Consortium

Chainalytics’ Demand Planning Intelligence Consortium analyzes the underlying drivers of demand uncertainty to help member companies improve demand planning and ultimately supply chain performance. To help members understand effective responses to variability, Chainalytics uses a model-based benchmarking approach to assess detailed forecast and actual order transaction data as well as demand planning policies, approaches, and techniques.  The resulting forecast accuracy and bias models capture the effect of specific demand, product, and network characteristics together with the impact of various operational practices to enable best practice benchmarking, comparative analysis, and forecast accuracy predictions. A better understanding of demand uncertainty is essential for an organization to positively impact profitability and customer satisfaction.  Why? Financial performance is directly affected by customer expectations related to product availability and delivery. Beyond customer service impacts, forecast accuracy also influences working capital requirements, inventory investments, and overall operating costs such as expediting or multiple deliveries to complete an order.


The Demand Planning Intelligence Consortium allows its members to:

  • Confidentially compare forecast accuracy and forecast accuracy drivers across relevant peer groups and industries using common metrics;
  • Identify forecast error contributors such as product portfolio, customer order patterns, economic cycles, seasonality, or new product launches;
  • Estimate anticipated forecast accuracy for existing and new products with a proven analytical framework; and
  • Target the forecast improvement initiatives that generate the most business value.

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