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Freight Market Intelligence Consortium

FMIC logo   Chainalytics’ Freight Market Intelligence Consortium provides strategic freight market intelligence, benchmarking, and comparative analysis to its members in a private forum. To help its member companies better understand current and future freight market dynamics, Chainalytics uses a model-based benchmarking approach to normalize the drivers which impact overall costs – including factors like performance conditions, geography, equipment variances, and accessorial charges.  Chainalytics provides objective insight into freight markets and proactive advice to members enabling them to make better strategic and tactical decisions regarding transportation and supporting business practices.

Chainalytics’ Freight Market Intelligence Consortium is categorized by modes, including truckload (for both shippers and logistics service providers), less-than-truckload, and ocean.

Members of the consortiums receive:

  • Market Research
    • In-depth member surveys on operations, technology, accessorials, fuel management, and procurement strategies
    • Whitepapers on policy impacts, current fuel trends
    • Quarterly member-driven predictive analytics on rates and capacity outlook
  • Detailed Reporting and Analysis
    • Lane benchmarks
    • Weekly rate trends by mode, carrier, and industry to highlight the impact of dynamic market trends
  • Technology
    • Full batch ratings for North American lanes
    • Training videos
    • Archived presentation and survey materials
  • Peer Networking
    • Well-attended and highly-rated annual Summit with educational content, solutions research, and networking opportunities

Chainalytics’ Freight Market Intelligence Consortium can improve your operations by effectively answering the following questions:

  • Am I paying a fair price for transportation with respect to my peer and competitor companies?
  • How can I determine where lane-by-lane transportation costs compare to market prices?
  • Do my operational policies generate the best price for transportation services?
  • Am I paying the best price for the services I really need?
  • How have my transportation rates recently changed relative to the marketplace?
  • How effective have previous carrier negotiations been?
  • Am I realizing my expected cost savings from my last round of rate negotiations?

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