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We hope you enjoy the Spring 2011 issue of Supply Chain Directions, our quarterly e-newsletter linking you to a short list of leading, timely, and relevant articles and white papers in the areas of Supply Chain Design, Transportation, Inventory, Global Supply Chain Management, Sustainability and Performance Analytics. 

Better Math Makes Better Networks 

Supply Chain Shaman, February 13, 2011
By: Lora Cecere
Lora Cecere, the Supply Chain Shaman, interviewed Chainalytics’ co-founder, Jeff Metersky, at the recent S&OP Innovation Summit in Las Vegas.  Lora and Jeff discuss how network design – and relevant software – has evolved in recent years.

Blog: The New Collaboration Conversation  
March 15, 2011
By: Bill Loftis
I recently had the pleasure of attending the FMI-GMA Trading Partner Alliance Conference where much of the discussion focused on a topic of great passion for me:  collaborative supply chain practices.

Blog: Fuel Programs, Competitive Pressures & Truckload Pricing  
March 23, 2011
By: Matt Harding
The crises in Japan and the Middle East have once again reminded us of both the unpredictability and interconnectedness of the global economy. Nothing happens in isolation.

Top Practices When Modeling Supply Chain Networks 
Gartner Research (Membership Required), May 3, 2011
By: Greg Aimi
Leading companies are using advanced supply chain network modeling practices and technologies to create more competitive supply chain networks. This research will help you understand how to best apply these practices appropriately within your organization.

Supply Chain Design
Winning in Two Worlds: Supply Chain Flexibility 

Knowledge@Wharton, January 26, 2011
Even before the recent global downturn, a two-speed world was emerging…Now, after the most significant recession since the 1930s, these divergent growth patterns have become even sharper, with implications for every aspect of a global company’s operations.

Supply Chain Graphic of the Week:  The Financial Impact of Supply Chain Flexibility
SC Digest, February 11, 2011
By: SCDigest Editorial Staff 
Returns from Modest Investments in Manufacturing Investments is Often the Strongest, Simchi-Levi Says

Transportation Management Is an Imperative for Return to Growth

SupplyChainBrain, February 16, 2011
Freight capacity currently remains favorable for shippers, but market indicators suggest capacity is becoming constrained and current transportation market conditions threaten to propel logistics costs higher.

Balancing Shipper and Carrier Interests 
Inbound Logistics, January 2011
By:  Mark Laufer 
Shippers and carriers have wasted no time blaming each other. Who is at fault? And what can supply chain managers learn from this state of affairs?

What’s Wrong With a 95% Service Level? 

DC Velocity, March 10, 2011
By: Jonathan Byrnes
Customer service level is a core measure of company performance. This measure seems completely obvious: after all, if you increase your line-fill or case-fill from 94% to 96%, your customers will surely be much more satisfied. And satisfied customers will buy more from you, increasing your profits. Right?

Planning Dynamics and the Impact On Forecast Accuracy 
ChainLink Research, February 15, 2011
By: Ann Grackin
Misalignment and miscalculation of forecasts often occur due to the overlooked factor of the calendar.

Stanley Black and Decker Merges Best of Both Worlds 
CGT, March 18, 2011
By: Alliston Ackerman
A new powerhouse in the home improvement market was created in March 2010 when The Stanley Works merged with The Black & Decker Corporation to become Stanley Black & Decker. The combined company started out strong…Yet, its continued success is dependent upon ongoing integration, including transferring the best practices of each company across the combined organization.

Global Supply Chains
Heat Is On for Fast-Moving Consumer Goods Retailing in India 

SupplyChainBrain, February 9, 2011
Indian retail trade in most FMCG categories has seen a growth boom over the past decade. One common challenge for all of these segments, however, remains the supply chain.

Mexico is tops in Latin America for “near shoring” 
CSCMP Supply Chain Quarterly, February 22, 2011
By: Staff
In a recent study, Mexico’s interior beat out four other locations as a cost-effective spot for light manufacturing near the United States and Canada.

Panama Canal may compete with rail rival
Supply Chain Management Review, February 16, 2011
By: Patrick Burnson
According to a recent report in The Financial Times, China is in negotiations over the construction of a 137-mile rail link across Colombia that represents a competitive route. 


Supply Chain Graphic of the Week: Global Energy Picture 2030 

SC Digest, January 20, 2011
By:  SCDigest Editorial Staff
Share of Oil, Natural Gas, and Coal Production to Converge by 2030; Renewables will See Strong Growth, but on a Very Low Base 

Food and Drink Companies Expect to Cut Packaging 19% 
Environmental Leader, March 18, 2011
Food, beverage and consumer product makers expect that they will have eliminated four billion pounds of packaging waste nationwide between 2005 and 2020, according to two surveys conducted for the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA).  

Performance Analytics
Supply Chain Analytics Offers Cost, Revenue Advantages, April 13, 2011
By: David Essex
Supply chain analytics has been around for a decade, but a growing chorus of experts believes the technology is finally on the verge of taking off, propelled by the demands of globalization and enabled by the convergence of mobile and cloud computing. 

Supply Chain Analytics: New Kid on IT’s Block 
Internet Evolution, April 21, 2011
By: Mary Jander
“Supply chain analytics” sounds almost too good to be true. The idea that real-time information can be matched to business intelligence to orchestrate more efficiency in the supply-and-demand networks of businesses is a siren-song many IT pros have dreamed about for years.

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Steve Ellet of Chainalytics Named a 2011 Pro to Know

March 3, 2011
Leading Business Magazine Presents Annual Listing of Top Supply and Demand Chain Industry Professionals 

Chainalytics and GT Nexus Announce Strategic Alliance
May 17, 2011

Companies Align to Offer Strategic Services and Solutions to Improve Market Insight and Supply Chain Performance for Global Shippers