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What is a good forecast?
Patrick Boyle, Director, Business Development, Chainalytics
Unraveling the mystery of “demand variability and forecast accuracy” – the number one supply chain challenge – starts with the basics.

The Impact of Packaging on the Supply ChainThe Impact of Packaging on the Supply Chain
Tom Blanck, Principal and Practice Leader, Packaging Optimization, Chainalytics
Once a function of sales and marketing, product packaging today is increasingly seen as a strategic supply chain issue, with involvement by the executive team.

Know Before You Go: Optimal Inventory Deployment
Ben YoKell, Sr. Manager, SIOP Practice, Chainalytics
To be effective, the nuances of inventory deployment must be addressed. Even the leading approaches leave significant money on the table.

Have You Had Your Supply Chain Checkup?
Tom Cisewski, Sr. Manager, Supply Chain Design Practice, Chainalytics
While an annual “supply chain checkup” is a good idea, several circumstances can make doing one all the more important.

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December 8, 20110
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