Gene Long Headshot

Vice President, Industry Supply Chains

Gene Long is Vice President of Industry Supply Chains at Chainalytics where he provides leadership and insight on logistic strategies for clients on a global scale. WIth his extensive expertise, Gene is able to identify valuable opportunities throughout multiple industries in supply chain operations.

Before joining Chainalytics, Gene served as the Vice President of Supply Chain Consulting at IHS Global where he provided new business with risk monitoring products and services across multiple industries. Before his employment at IHS Global, Gene was the director of Strategy and Operations with Deloitte Consulting. He has also had the opportunity of holding leadership positions at Cardinal Health, UPS, BAX Global, SiteStuff Inc, and was a partner at Ernst & Young.

Gene received his Bachelor of Arts in Accounting and Finance from Augusta State University in Augusta Georgia. He also holds a Masters in Business Administration from Baldwin-Wallace College in Berea Ohio.