Chainalytics Provides Packaging Solutions for Major Motorcycle Manufacturer

Partnership with Chainalytics’ packaging optimization team helps leading motorcycle manufacturer safely deliver a new product launch 

One of the most popular subcultures in America centers around two wheels and a love for the open road. Since 1898, American drivers have utilized the motorcycle as a primary or secondary vehicle. The appreciation and obsession for motorcycles is matched only by their storied evolution. So when one of the country’s most popular manufacturers introduced a major new product, they knew every measure had to be perfectly executed to ensure consumers received the highest quality product.

The manufacturer was introducing a new powertrain for all new models of touring bikes, sport bikes, and cruisers and had allocated an $8MM budget towards creating a packaging solution that could provide maximum protection for powertrain components prior to final assembly. They desired a partnership with Chainalytics’ specially trained packaging engineers, who joined forces with the organization’s internal team to provide the best packaging solution available for the numerous parts making up the new powertrain. As a three year project that included the design, management, and purchasing of returnable packaging system, the manufacturer understood they were getting the best talent for the job.

In order for the project to run smoothly, Chainalytics acclimated with the client’s internal packaging team to learn the various processes and systems they currently utilized. The internal team was based out of the company’s product development center, realized they needed additional resources, and warmly received the expertise Chainalytics provided. The strong working relationship developed over the course of the project allowed Chainalytics to become an integral contributor of value to the business.  

The project’s complexity involved gaining familiarity with current packaging suppliers and building a working relationship with them to facilitate the design and testing phases, as well as vetting packaging materials utilized for size, storage, and delivery. For smaller parts making up the new powertrain packaging system, expendable packaging from non-domestic suppliers required detailed drawings and specifications. Chainalytics served as a conduit between global suppliers to ensure a smooth and timely implementation.

In addition to serving as a vendor facilitator, the team assisted with the development and implementation of over 30 returnable and reusable packaging designs. This included purchase order management, invoicing, and accounts receivable functions. Furthermore, Chainalytics packaging engineers assisted with the validation of new packaging designs through lab testing and pre-launch build events. Once the optimal designs were determined, the team updated all packaging documentation to ensure the traceability of all the packaging components to enable reuse and efficiencies in cost and processes.

To complete the project, Chainalytics assisted with a silent launch of the final product, which in the end, was delivered on time and under budget. The client successfully released the new powertrain into the market thanks to the help of the Chainalytics packaging team. Through the implementation of key stakeholder alignment, and close engagement with the product launch team, Chainalytics delivered over 100 new returnable packaging designs ensuring the client’s new products would safely and securely move through the supply chain before reaching consumers.

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