Is your packaging prepared for clamp handling?

By Rob Kaszubowski on May 15, 2018

The growing popularity of clamp-truck handling in supply chain operations can reduce labor and help accelerate product distribution, but it can also apply extreme horizontal forces on your products’ packaging. Is your packaging designed for clamp handling?

As supply chains continue to evolve and with many consumers now expecting same-day or next-day package deliveries, companies have adapted their systems and product handling to help expedite movement through their distribution channels.

Clamp handling reduces manual labor while producing quicker truck loading or unloading times. As packaging consultants, our team has definitely seen an increase in clamp handling, with especially high product volumes arriving from Asian manufacturers in intermodal containers. These loads, typically floor loaded and consolidated, are either unloaded manually by hand, often a labor extensive process, or mechanically by a clamp truck. [Full Story]

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