Inventory Optimization as a Service (IOaaS)

For many companies, inventory represents both a strategic asset for delivering customer satisfaction, as well as a source of capital investment and costs. Companies struggle to balance sufficient service levels with the right inventory mix. And the underlying demand behavior differs by product, region, and season. These challenges are further compounded for many companies operating with limited distribution center space.

While higher service levels are typically associated with higher in-stock rates, this is not always the case. The multidimensional problem of inventory carrying costs, facility constraints, varying lead times, and, in certain cases, limited life-cycles, makes it critical to have accurate, data-driven inventory targets. Data-driven inventory targets, min/max thresholds, and safety stock allow companies to optimally balance service levels with cost and capital investment.

What does Chainalytics’ IOaaS do?

IOaaS creates significant value for Chainalytics’ clients by. IOaaS generating quarterly or semi-annual stocking quantities, which become the basis for timely production and inventory deployment. While some understanding of business operations is required to create optimal inventory targets, this knowledge is easily obtainable for the client’s business leaders.

Chainalytics’ IOaaS enables companies to leverage outside expertise specially trained in handling large volumes of data and the use of inventory modeling applications to develop valid inventory target levels.

MAS IOaaS Continuously:

  • Accelerates time-to-value by keeping inventory target levels consistently up-to-date
  • Augments team capabilities with expertise, at a lower cost than building and sustaining a critical mass internally, reducing time to transform data and generate actionable insights
  • Enables teams to focus on their top priority: managing daily business operations
  • Enables confident decisions by leveraging our proprietary methodologies and investment-grade quality analytics to ensure better business outcomes

With an IOaaS provider developing the inventory optimization plan, the firm’s business leaders and planners can remain focused on business operations.

IOaaS Delivery

IOaaS is delivered using either an “inside the firewall” solution, or a secure cloud hosted solution. Chainalytics experts utilize advanced inventory optimization applications to generate inventory optimization plans. If your company is exploring ways to proactively plan and strategically design your supply chain for maximum efficiency in inventory optimization, contact Chainalytics and achieve more with IOaaS.

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