Statistical Forecasting as a Service (SFaaS)

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Forecasting is always challenging. Many companies use their best guess or the prior period’s sales (termed a “naïve forecast”), which research shows us is consistently inferior to statistical forecasting. And with good reason—people simply cannot generate accurate forecasts through speculation for hundreds, oftentimes thousands of products. Also, a prior period’s sales may be uncorrelated with the upcoming period’s sales.

The creation of the statistical forecast plan remains the critical first step in the planning process. The more rigorous statistical forecasts provide companies with better planning. Even with statistical forecasting, product value, velocity, volume, seasonality, to name a few factors, make the forecasting process uncertain for many organizations. Compounding the problem, few firms have proven able to develop and retain seasoned, and highly skilled forecasters.

What does Chainalytics’ SFaaS do?

SFaaS creates significant value for Chainalytics’ clients. SFaaS provides superior forecasts which serve as the backbone of the planning process. While some understanding of business operations is required to create optimal forecasts, this knowledge is not the critical element for success and is easily obtainable for the client’s business leaders.

Chainalytics’ SFaaS enables companies to leverage outside expertise who are specially trained in handling large volumes of data and the use of statistical methods to develop rigorous forecasts. When a SFaaS provider generates the forecasts, the firm’s business leaders and planners are able to focus on their top priority, running the business.

On a continuous basis, SFaaS helps to:

  • Accelerate time-to-value with consistent, up-to-date forecasting
  • Enhance team capabilities with expertise, at a lower cost than building and sustaining an internal critical mass, reducing time to transform data and generate actionable insights
  • Enable teams to direct energy towards managing daily business operations
  • Enable confident decisions by leveraging our proprietary methodologies and investment-grade quality analytics to ensure better business outcomes

SFaaS delivery method

SFaaS is delivered using either an “inside the firewall” solution or a secure cloud-hosted solution. Chainalytics’ experts utilize statistical forecasting applications to generate forecasts.

Whether relying solely on internal resources or using an external partner, forecasting remains a critical capability companies can’t afford to get wrong. Chainalytics’ expert forecasting teams have identified methods for improving forecast accuracy from 5% to 30% through investment-grade analytics.

If your company is exploring ways to proactively plan for and strategically design your supply chain for maximum efficiency in sales, production, sourcing, and inventory management through improved forecasting, contact Chainalytics to achieve more with SFaaS.