Supply Chain Design

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Supply chain design proves essential for leading organizations to maintain a competitive advantage in the face of constant change and increased market pressures, while also maintaining supply chain performance – both in world-class service levels and profitability.

Critical trade-off decisions have become increasingly complex and abundant due to mergers and acquisitions, globalization of supply and demand, ever-changing cost structures (labor, freight, utilities, raw materials), and fluctuations in downstream suppliers’ costs and capabilities.

These complicated trade-offs require ongoing network modeling capabilities to take all scenarios into consideration in order to make informed decisions.

Confidence in the credibility of these models is the currency of having change implemented. Anything less than investment-grade analytics impedes leaders from acting on recommendations.

While technology has made significant advances to provide enhanced visibility, growing demand for this highly specialized and technical skillset has rapidly outpaced the supply of available experts. The talent shortage highlights the harsh realization that building and maintaining an internal competency is extremely challenging. Recognizing this critical gap in the marketplace, Chainalytics developed our managed analytics solution to provide unrivalled industry experience and expert resources for our clients year-round.

How Can MAS for Supply Chain Design Help?

Our proprietary, managed services approach is designed to deliver continuous, cost-effective, high-quality, efficient and consistent, investment-grade supply chain network design analyses. Every MAS engagement starts with a rapid assessment used to devise a holistic multi-year program portfolio of recurring, specified projects tailored to meet the strategic needs of each business in the most effective sequence. Each project is then executed utilizing a customized agreed-upon cadence and blended resource plan to deliver timely updates to data and, model refreshes while supporting the ongoing execution of investment-grade analytics.

MAS is crafted to fit a broad spectrum of organizational maturities, ranging from those with an established Center of Excellence (COE) to organizations just beginning their journey. MAS accelerates time-to-value from an initial launch in addition to complementing developed teams with augmented capacity and capability to derive additional value from existing resource and technology investments.

MAS Supply Chain Design Continuously:

  • Accelerates time-to-value keeping supply chain models and data consistently up-to-date enabling faster refreshes in response to market changes.
  • Augments team capabilities with expertise at a lower cost than building and sustaining an internal critical mass, reducing time to transform data and generate actionable insights.
  • Ensures strategic alignment throughout the organization to expedite effective responses to supply and demand chain volatility.
  • Enables confident decisions by leveraging our award-winning proprietary methodologies, integrated market intelligence, and investment-grade quality analytics to ensure better business outcomes and tangible results.

If your company is exploring ways to proactively plan for and strategically design how your supply chain will respond to the evolution of your business or you would like to ensure your competitive advantage is maintained as the market evolves, contact Chainalytics to achieve more with MAS.