Integrated Demand and Supply Planning

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Chainalytics’ Integrated Demand and Supply Planning (IDSP) services help your organization forecast sales, balance supply and demand, improve product availability and order fill rates, increase cross-functional alignment and operational efficiency, increase your return on invested capital, and drive top line revenue growth while expanding margins. Our services deliver both immediate planning improvements and long-term holistic transformation.

With a core philosophy centered around deeply understanding your business and planning requirements, our expert IDSP practitioners will work closely with your team to identify gaps and key opportunities, develop roadmaps for planning transformation, employ market-leading analytics techniques and data visualization, and improve your planning processes and technology solutions to help you maximize the value you deliver to your organization.

Our services will be tailored to your needs, and we take a case-by-case approach to solutioning, leveraging our extensive expertise and track record of success to quickly develop the fit-for-purpose approach which will serve your needs the best. Among many others, we frequently help companies answer the following commonly asked questions:

  • How should I segment my portfolio and forecast my demand for each segment?
  • How does my forecasting and planning performance compare to the market?
  • Where should I position my inventory? What items should I stock in each location?
  • How much inventory do I need to deliver the service levels desired?
  • How do I maximize the return to the enterprise on my inventory investment?
  • Which planning technology best fits my business requirements? How should I configure, deploy and use my planning technology?
  • What can I improve in my planning process and methodology?
  • How do I structure my team and workflows around my process and technology?
  • How will I successfully make these changes while still running my business?
  • Which improvement initiatives will yield the highest return, and how should they be sequenced? How can I build a business case for change?

Instantiate, Implement, Identify, Improve, Integrate, Intervene. Chainalytics Integrated Demand and Supply Planning (IDSP) services enable a wide variety of outcomes and employ a fit-for-purpose paradigm in working with your objectives. We can help you instantiate and implement new processes and technology, identify and improve your existing processes, methodologies, and organization, integrate disconnected activities, incentives, and plans. And, if you find yourself in a Planning crisis, with customer service levels crashing, we can bring to bear our team of Intervention experts to help you turn your business around before lasting damage is done.