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Chainalytics’ 3PL Selection and Advisory services help organizations to determine if their distribution operations should be outsourced, how to select the right partner for their business and ensure that their 3PL partner is performing in accordance with contractual requirements – with a goal of maximizing service and minimizing cost to the organization.

Our 3PL advisory and selection service, we helps answer these frequently asked questions:

  • Should we insource vs outsource our operations?
  • Is our 3PL performing as expected? How are the performance gaps impacting our operations cost and service levels? What corrective action is necessary?
  • Are our contracts fair and market priced or are we paying too much? Are we tracking performance with the right Key Performance Indicators or Service Levels?
  • How do we identify the right 3PL partner for our business?
  • How do we transition to a new 3PL partner without adversely impacting our customer service levels?


Our solutions include:

  • Insource / Outsource Assessment
  • 3PL Sourcing and Selection
  • 3PL Audits
  • 3PL Implementation / Transition