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Managing your customer orders and accounts receivable can prove both challenging and time consuming. Chainalytics’ Order-to-Cash service offering helps organizations streamline order processing and allows companies to redirect resources where they are best served to increase productivity, customer satisfaction and retention. When customers are satisfied with both the product and service, as well as accurate invoices, payment disputes and delays rarely occur and chargebacks and penalties can be avoided. We help companies improve their Order-to-Cash processes by answering the following questions:

  • How can we improve order processing and accuracy?
  • How can we streamline our customer service operations without negatively impacting our customers?
  • How can we reduce errors in our pick, pack and shipping services?
  • How we improve our Days Sales Outstanding and our Cash Conversion Cycle time?
  • How can we improve customer satisfaction and retention?
  • How can we reduce the overall cost-to-serve our customers?
  • What enabling technology can lead to improved processes for customer order entry and processing?


Our service helps to streamline all activities in the order-to-cash cycle – including order receipt, order management, order fulfillment (pick, pack, ship), invoicing, accounts receivable and deductions management – with a goal of reducing the time and cost associated with this process. Additional focus areas include deduction management / reduction, customer retention, and customer service improvement.


Our solutions include:

  • Order-to-Cash Diagnostic Review
  • End-to-end Process Improvement
  • Deductions Management
  • Enabling Technology Assessment / Selection
  • Customer Segmentation