Supply Chain Operations


Our Procure-to-Pay service is designed to identify solutions that provide organizations with improved control and visibility over the entire lifecycle of a transaction – from the way an item is ordered to the way that the final invoice is processed – providing full insight into cash-flow and financial commitments.

Chainalytics’ Procure-to-Pay service helps organizations determine which areas of their procurement process can be refined and to overcome the following challenges:

  • How can we streamline processes to reduce working capital?
  • What technology can enable improved processes?


Activities included in our typical procure-to-pay assessments include: supply management, cart or requisition, purchase order, receiving, invoice reconciliation and accounts payable.

Our solutions include:

  • End-to-End P2P Process Improvement
  • Policy Development / Modification
  • Enabling Technology Assessment / Identification
  • Supplier Segmentation