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Recognizing the need for a paradigm shift produces additional questions and concerns that must be addressed when considering which aspects of your operations benefit most from transformation. Chainalytics’ Transformation Planning service helps an organization to build and adopt the change management strategy that best fits their day-to-day operational procedures.

Our Transformation Planning service answers these commonly asked questions:

  • Are we employing the right change management communication plan and strategy?
  • What’s the value proposition for of the change?  Can we quantify the business impacts?
  • Is there a business case for change?
  • How do we plan, prioritize, and mitigate risk with our transformation initiatives?


Our solutions include:

  • Transformation Project Portfolio Development and Sequencing
  • Resource Planning
  • Transformation Risk Identification and Mitigation Strategies
  • Change Management Strategy
  • Program Management Office Design and Stand Up
  • Financial Analysis / Business Case Development