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Product damage, whether manifested through a steady increase or a sudden spike in your damage signal, creates significant waste in your supply chain, negatively impacts your profitability, and ultimately decreases your customer satisfaction ratings.

Chainalytics’ team of certified packaging professionals employs proven methods and processes to assess your supply chain to identify and confirm potential sources of product damage. Using quantitative and qualitative data from our assessment, the team then performs in-depth analyses which guide the development of custom packaging solutions that align with the requirements and handling methods of your specific distribution channels.

We are passionate about minimizing packaging costs while protecting your high-value products. Our team utilizes state-of-the-art software, design tools, and a unique total system approach to reduce product damage through smarter packaging and handling solutions.

A damage and waste reduction assessment helps organizations answer the following questions:

  • What is occurring in our supply chain that is causing damage?
  • Is my dataset complete enough to support low-risk decision making?
  • How is our system capturing damage data?

Additionally, a damage and waste reduction program can help companies solve the following issues:

  • What handling and packaging strategies should we consider that improve our supply chain performance?
  • What is required to launch the improved packaging system?


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