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We understand how product damage can impact your business; whether it’s manifested through a steady increase or a sudden spike in your damage warranty signal, damaged goods create significant waste in your value chain and can gravely impact your profitability, while decreasing your customer satisfaction ratings.

Our packaging consulting team uses proven methods and processes to assess your supply chain hazards. We then design and develop a custom packaging solution aligned to meet the requirements and handling methods of your specific distribution chain. Designing the optimal packaging system that meets the demands of your supply chain is a skill that we hang our hats on.

We are passionate about minimizing packaging costs while protecting your high-value products. Count on us to use state-of-the-art software, design tools and a unique total systems approach to reducing product damage through smarter packaging and handling solutions. Have damage in your value chain? Let us get to work on:

  • Root cause and hazard analysis
  • Supply chain and touchpoint mapping
  • Shipping and distribution damage resolution
  • Packaging design


Packaging Improvement Program - Damage Costs vs. Package Costs by Chainalytics - Supply Chain and Packaging Consulting


For more information on our Packaging Improvement Programs, please contact our packaging consultants at packaging@chainalytics.com or +1 (612) 252-1830.