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Consumer marketplaces continue to evolve as a growing percentage of shoppers now choose to make a significant amount of their purchases online. As a result, manufacturers and retailers alike are being asked to increase their service levels while ensuring products arrive safely, whether at a traditional brick and mortar location or directly to the consumer’s location. Many organizations are realizing their current packaging strategy is not optimized for omni-channel distribution.

Chainalytics’ Packaging Optimization practice is equipped to help your organization advance its packaging strategy to remain competitive in today’s environment. Our experts conduct a full-scale global distribution hazard analysis before creating a data-driven packaging design for a specific distribution channel in your supply chain. In addition to the total cost analysis, our services will help ensure an enhanced customer experience as well as methods to improve sustainability initiatives.

Our Omni-Channel Packaging Solutions help organizations find answers for following questions:

  • Have your e-commerce sales reached the tipping point where it makes sense to issue a new package design specific for omni-channel shipments?
  • Have you evaluated the impacts of dimensional weight or oversize packaging shipping charges?
  • What are some of the fulfillment gaps of your traditional brick and mortar retail as it relates to e-commerce orders?
  • What is an appropriate pack out strategy for our omni-channel fulfillment?
  • Have you evaluated and optimized single item shipments and multi-item shipments?
  • What kinds of distribution hazards do we need to consider in the extended supply chain?
  • What are the best fit packaging strategies that account for the shipping and handling test simulations?
  • Can packaging be a differentiator for my brand?
    How do we ensure our packaging systems result in a positive customer experience?
  • What is the total landed cost of our packaging decisions?
    What packaging testing do I need to pass to certify that my products are protected through distribution?
  • What are appropriate success metrics for our e-commerce and fulfillment packaging approach?
  • How does our packaging usage impact our sustainability metrics?

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