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Looking for the innovative packaging solution to match your innovative product design? We want to help.

Package design done correctly will not only help to sell your products for you, but can also delight your customers when they receive your product undamaged and with minimal packaging.

We will understand the dynamics of your entire supply chain and design a packaging system aligned to your specific conditions. Areas that we address;

  • Primary package design that compliments and sells your product
  • Human factors engineering that addresses your final customers’ needs
  • Secondary and tertiary package systems that enable your products to travel safely to your customers
  • Efficient cube utilization and trailer optimization to minimize your transportation and warehousing waste and expense
  • Packaging automation that works effectively with your manufacturing process
  • Sustainable solutions that reflect your environmental leadership position



For more information on our Supply Chain Packaging Optimization services, please contact our packaging consultants at or +1 (612) 252-1830.