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The custom-engineered packaging solutions by Chainalytics’ team of certified packaging professionals are designed to deliver programs that drive profit in addition to long-term cost savings. Our packaging engineers consistently deliver improved packaging system designs and optimized material selections to drive positive financial impacts of the entire packaging category.

Our methodology employs a combination of in-depth data analysis and an end-to-end operational assessment that allows us to determine the ideal inbound packaging guidelines and design standards that best serve your product. Next, we conduct a packaging system assessment to determine improvement opportunities for product handling, storage, and transport (ocean, air, ground, parcel). Furthermore, we evaluate additional cost-saving opportunities such as packaging item consolidation and value implementation planning that help reduce budget constraints while increasing packaging efficiency.

Our holistic approach to delivering optimal packaging solutions throughout the supply chain provides breakthroughs in logistics cost savings – while delivering substantial impact to your bottom line.

With our Programs for Profit service, we help organizations answer the following questions:

  • How does packaging impact our total cost of logistics?
  • What are some of the technical levers linked to packaging that can reduce my supply chain costs?
  • What constraints in our operation lead us to inefficient packaging operations?
  • What inefficiencies do I currently have in my packaging systems?
  • How do I gain control of the packaging decisions made by our vendors?
  • What packaging strategies can I leverage to maximize efficiency through the supply chain?
  • How can we standardize our packaging and minimize the operational complexity of packaging out multiple items?
  • What opportunities need to be prioritized to enable the most efficient cost savings goal?
  • How can we improve transportation cube efficiencies through packaging optimization?

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