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Manufacturers and retailers alike have been increasingly tasked with implementing improved sustainability results. The amount of waste material is often a deciding factor to whether a consumer purchases a particular product or shops at a particular store. As a result, organizations are seeking additional ways to reduce waste and eliminate non-recyclable material usage without compromising product integrity.

Chainalytics’ Packaging Optimization practice works with organizations to identify opportunities for increased sustainability results. Working alongside your team, we gather the necessary data to conduct a full-scale gap analysis of your existing packaging sustainability strategy. Furthermore, we help your organization develop quantifiable metrics for assessment and scorecard implementation.

Our packaging engineers are well-equipped to help you create environmentally responsible packaging designs as well as introduce a packaging material elimination program that improves your sustainability initiatives without increasing damage to your product.

Our Sustainable Packaging Strategies are designed to help organizations answer the following questions:

  • What are some simple KPIs we can measure in our organization to address corporate and social responsibility in the packaging category?
  • How do we leverage packaging and handling system design to improve our KPIs?
  • What packaging alternatives maximize our sustainability positioning in the marketplace?
  • How can we utilize alternative materials to improve the sustainability and/or “recyclability” of our packaging?
  • How can optimized package designs help to reduce our carbon emissions?

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