Repair and Warranty Operations

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Chainalytics’ Repair and Warranty Operations service helps your organization increase efficiency within your service supply chain processes. An in-depth analysis of your current service supply chain operations allows us to identify improvement opportunities in such areas as exchange processes, fulfillment requirements, and insource or outsource capabilities. This service optimizes supply chain processes in your repair and warranty operations while mitigating reverse logistics supply chain costs and improving customer satisfaction.

Chainalytics’ Repair and Warranty Operations service helps improve your service supply chain processes by providing solutions to following challenges:

  • Do our current processes strengthen our company’s repair and warranty program?
  • How well do our current operations mitigate repair and warranty costs?
  • How can we reduce no-trouble found returns without negatively impacting customer satisfaction?
  • Do current repair operations support or hinder exchange and forward channels?
  • Does our decision to insource or outsource operations make sense in today’s environment?
  • How can we increase visibility to stakeholders (i.e. metrics and KPIs, dashboards, reporting)?