Supply Chain Design

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Chainalytics’ investment-grade Supply Chain Design services can help you align your supply chain infrastructure with customer demands and maintain that alignment as the requirements and costs change over time

By identifying fact-based strategies for supply chain network configuration and material flow, you can support overall corporate business strategy while positively affecting profitability and customer satisfaction.

Chainalytics’ Supply Chain Design services can improve your supply chain performance by confidently answering these questions:

  • What is the best supply chain network configuration given a recent merger or acquisition, or shifts in demand, production, and cost factors?
  • What opportunities exist to reduce costs and improve service through a continuous, fact-based network design process?
  • How does our supply chain network compare to best-in-class?
  • What customers should we serve to maximize our profit contribution?
  • How can we effectively capture and maintain all cost elements associated with serving our customers?
  • How can changing the supply chain configuration support the commitment to corporate sustainability goals?
  • How can we build a sustainable supply chain design team that will instill confidence?