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Chainalytics’ Transportation services combine domain expertise with the effective use of advanced technology to considerably reduce transportation costs and improve service levels.

We provide market intelligence, skilled resources, and best-in-class approaches to help you benchmark your existing operations against peers, factor client’s ever-increasing service demands, and design a high performance transportation network to improve competitiveness. Our service will help you improve your overall transportation operations by planning and buying the optimal transportation services, minimizing transportation costs, optimizing order consolidation and route selection, and simulating shifts in transportation strategy to meet client’s ever-increasing service demands.

Chainalytics’ Transportation services can improve your supply chain performance by effectively answering these questions:

  • Are we paying a fair price for transportation with respect to my peer and competitor companies?
  • Could adjustments to my current operational practices or systems reduce overall transportation costs?
  • Should we outsource/insource transportation functions?
  • How many carriers should we use to optimize our freight network?
  • What is the cost penalty for specific issues, such as utilizing the wrong carrier, mode, or out of route shipping? Can we reconfigure operational processes to correct the behavior?
  • Have we realized the full value of our technology investments?
  • Should we use a private or dedicated fleets? If so, how many units should be in the fleets? What should the fleets’ mission be and where should the drivers and equipment be based?
  • What is best mode and service level mix for my organization? What opportunities for spend optimization exist in our network?