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With today’s ecommerce boom, a seismic shift has occurred—customers’ expectations of what they can buy online and have delivered to their front door have exploded. Consumers now expect all products to be available for online purchase, from shoes and clothes to dishwashers and riding lawn mowers. More so than ever, selecting the right carrier proves critical to ensuring you retain customers and protect the integrity of your products and company.

After all, the carrier is the last person your customer interacts with before the transaction is complete. There are also the challenges of selecting the “appropriate” shipping method (cost vs. quickness vs. agility), processing customer returns, and reintroducing said returns back into your supply chain. No doubt, there are several aspects of last-mile delivery complexity an organization must navigate.

Chainalytics’ Last-Mile Strategy and Optimization team can navigate this complexity and help establish a comprehensive final-mile delivery program or enhance an existing one.

Our services improve your last mile operations by helping you answer these commonly asked questions:

  • Which goods should be shipped Courier vs. Parcel vs. LTL ?
  • Should I contract my courier deliveries or opt for a dedicated fleet?
  • What is the cost to establish and maintain a private delivery fleet?
  • Do I have the right packaging to handle the additional touches in the parcel network vs. the bulk store delivery network it was designed for?
  • Who are the best carriers to handle my last mile deliveries?
  • What delivery services should I offer my customers (e.g. threshold, white-glove)? How much should I charge?

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