Mode & Fleet Analysis

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Chainalytics’ Transportation Mode and Fleet Analysis can help you evaluate your existing operations, factor your customers’ ever-increasing service demands, and design a high performance transportation network to improve competitiveness. This service combines Chainalytics’ deep domain expertise with powerful advanced decision sciences technology to formulate an improved transportation strategy that optimizes modal mix, fleet size, territory alignment, and equipment mix.

Chainalytics’ Transportation Mode and Fleet Analysis service can help improve your operations by answering the following questions:

  • Could adjustments to our current transportation network reduce overall transportation costs?
  • How can we take advantage of mode shifts or consolidation strategies to reduce costs while maintaining customer service levels?
  • Should we use a private or dedicated fleets? If so, how many units should be in the fleets? What should the fleets’ mission be and where should the drivers and equipment be based?
  • What is the impact of our business rules to our bottom line (e.g. lead times, minimum order quantities, available days and hours of delivery)?
  • What is the optimal number of routes from each facility to best serve our customers and reduce overall costs?
  • How can we plan for seasonality?
  • What is the impact of a new equipment purchase?
  • Can we improve our overall load efficiency by using pool points or multi-stop consolidation strategies?