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Chainalytics’ Transportation Systems Selection and Implementation service helps you identify the technologies (Transportation Management Systems, Routing and Scheduling, Freight Payment and Audit, Visibility, Connectivity, Reporting, etc.) best suited to meet your company’s needs and how you can quickly realize value from your investment. This service allows you to leverage unbiased, expert advice to correctly identify the business requirements that transportation systems must fulfill, accurately assess the functional capabilities, and manage the vendor selection process.

Once a solution is selected, Chainalytics offers a range of support services such as designing the overall solution, managing the implementation, configuring parameters for optimal performance, documenting process changes, developing a user acceptance testing strategy, and delivering user application training. Chainalytics’ extensive experience designing, building, and installing transportation technologies ensures that your organization, systems, and processes are aligned for optimal performance.

Chainalytics’ Transportation Systems Selection and Implementation service can help improve your transportation operations by effectively answering these questions:

  • How should we identify and prioritize the business requirements related to our potential transportation technology investment?
  • What are the most important features of the systems we are considering and how can we make the most of them?
  • How can we ensure we are maximizing the value from our technology investment?
  • Are our people using the implemented transportation systems the way they were intended to be used?
  • Are our related systems and processes synchronized with our Transportation Management System for maximum benefit?
  • How can we disseminate the knowledge of the application throughout the organization?