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Chainalytics’ Freight Market Intelligence is now offering real-time data through the next chapter in our successful suite of benchmarking services, FMIC Pulse.

The balance of supply and demand changes weekly and has unpredictable impacts on contract pricing. As a buyer of transportation services, shippers need a little more than trust and relationships — they need to predict, sense, react and mitigate issues in their complex transportation network.

Chainalytics developed FMIC Pulse to provide members with the ability to monitor how changes in capacity impact their network and to accurately forecast pressure on future contract rates—which are key elements of meeting budget expectations while maximizing service year over year.

Built on the #1 shipper benchmarking solution in the market, FMIC Pulse uses technologies that integrate machine learning into transactional data flows, ensuring quality control, analytical sophistication and repeatability.

FMIC Pulse provides members with:

  • Cloud-based Market Intelligence Analytics – All analytical capabilities are hosted in a turn-key business intelligence environment—no licenses or IT approvals to acquire new software are needed.
  • Direct Integration to Custom Data Sources – Submitting data in templates is no longer required, saving members dozens of hours per year complying to data submission requirements. All business logic is designed, validated and deployed by Chainalytics.
  • Network-Level Analytics – Visibility to your benchmark results at any level in your network including providers, lanes, and locations within minutes of data submission.
  • Market Level Analytics – Unparalleled access to metrics measuring how contract rates are changing in the market, weekly spot market premiums and a broad set of metrics that provide total clarity on what is occurring in the market.
  • Forecasted Contract Rates – Utilize advanced predictive analytics to anticipate pressures in future procurement cycles.


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